Our vision is to provide the best experience to our RSL members and guests by having the best people trained, delivering the best services, quality and value to every customer, every time while in compliance with the laws and regulations we operate under in accordance with our code of conduct.



We listen to our customers and improve on all services to meet their present and future needs. We conduct our club in an open and forthright manner in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We will exceed customer expectations through continuous improvements in quality and service. We will conduct ourselves in accordance with our code of conduct.


Our success depends upon high performing people working together in a safe and healthy workplace where diversity, development and teamwork are valued and recognised. We are committed to the fair and effective selection, development, motivation and recognition. We will provide employees with the tools, training and support to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.

All Healesville RSL employees are fully trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol.

It is our responsibility to maintain a safe environment for patrons and staff and ensure liquor is served, supplied and promoted in a way that is compatible with minimising harm from the use of liquor and preserving the peace and good order of the neighbourhood of the Healesville RSL.

Responsible Gaming Policy

The Healesville RSL is committed to ethical and responsible behaviour that recognises the importance of our members’ and patrons’ wellbeing with a focus of minimising the potential harm of gambling.

The Healesville RSL follows responsible gambling practices and has taken into account local community concerns.

Staffs are trained with the skills and knowledge to identify problem gamblers and offer assistance and advice to those customers, and their family and friends. The Healesville RSL also adheres to all relevant legislation, regulations and industry codes of practice.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

A Code of Practice for the Responsible Service, Supply and Promotion of Liquor has been in force since June 2005.

The Code was developed by the Liquor Licensing Division in conjunction with key industry, government and community stakeholders. It is aimed at providing a proactive whole-of-industry approach to ensure alcohol is served, supplied and promoted responsibly.

The Healesville RSL is committed to the principles of responsible service of alcohol and complying with all applicable laws and adhering to endorsed Liquor Service Codes of Practice. All employers must abide by the following responsible service of alcohol practices:

  • No liquor will be served to minors (under 18 years of age).
  • No intoxicated persons will be admitted to the Club.
  • Intoxicated persons will be refused service of liquor.
  • Alcohol purchased from the Restaurant or Functions shall not be removed from the premises
  • The Healesville RSL will not donate bottles of wine or supply discounted or free alcohol to groups.

The Healesville RSL is a part of the hospitality industry. There are many policies, procedures, regulations and legislation, National, State and Local,  that the RSL must comply with.

Some of these are:

  • VCGLR – Office of Liquor and Gaming
  • Licensing Laws
  • WPH&S – Workplace Health and Safety
  • Fire & Rescue service
  • House policies to ensure the above are implemented correctly
  • AML/CTF – Anti-Money Laundering Counter Tourism Finance Act 2008
  • RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • RSG – Responsible Service of Gambling
  • Health Regulations
  • Road Traffic Regulations
  • Freedom of Information

A full copy of all our policies are available at reception upon request.