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The Returned and Services League has some 1500 Sub-Branches throughout Australia and with a membership of 240,000, is one of the largest service and ex-service associations in Australia which offers reciprocal rights once you join as a member.

Who can join the RSL?

The RSL offers two main forms of membership, Service, (for those who have served in the Armed Forces), and Affiliate membership, (for those related to people eligible for Service Membership).

Further Membership Types

The Healesville RSL offers a further two levels of membership including: Social & Community.

Social Membership is for those that would like to be a part of their local RSL Sub-Branch on a social leve.

Community membership is purely a form of membership without rights. The Community Membership allows for access to the venue for social purposes without the need to sign in.

What does it cost?

Membership to the Healesville RSL costs $40 for Service and Affiliate and for Social and $10 for Community membership
* Associate membership requires proof of financial status at another RSL sub-branch.